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Providing 30+ years of steel, fabrication, & erection experience

Our mission

As a contractor our goal is to take care of your project from start to finish, and deliver a professional quality product on schedule.

Matt Holley, CEO

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Our core values

The Holley Steel team thinks in 3D at all times. Our 3D models of steel structures are meticulously maintained which ensures what gets modeled, gets built.
As a leading steel fabricator, Holley Steel Continues to invest in top fabrication technology. We uses state-of-the-art parts processing and beam cutting which are paramount to project success.
Let the innovative, professional, and passionate staff at Holley Steel Company be the answer to your Toll Carbon-Steel Plate Manufacturing, and OEM Plate Processing. Holley Steel takes advantage of the most innovative CNC equipment to provide the ultimate in quality, speed and efficiency.
At Holley Steel, safety excellence is a corporate value and a commitment we practice on all projects. We employ only the most qualified steel erectors on our construction projects. Our partners demonstrate their commitment to a safe job site through planning and practice. Steel Erector safety professionals work together with Holley Steel's own Associate Safety Professional to develop and manage site specific safety procedures. This safety outreach program makes the Holley Steel Company a reliable and safe construction partner for the customer.
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Where to find us

You may visit us at our office: 838 AL Hwy 14, Elmore, AL 36025

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Have questions? you can contact us by phone: (334) 290-7631

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